About Us

Autism In Long Beach x Dubtree collaborative polo shirts for the youth of Autism In Long Beach // Photo Matt Simmerman

Driven.   Unstoppable.   Belief.   Towards.   Reaching.   Environmental.   Elegance.

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Matthew Allen Simmerman, and this is Dubtree.

Dubtree is an independent clothing brand based out of Long Beach, CA, and was created with the sole intent to provide affordable, fashionable clothing, for single income and economically challenged families.
Growing up, I was very familiar with second hand (thrift) stores, generic brand clothing, and financial hardships.  With only one working parent, my parents could not afford to buy me the name brand clothing that all of my friends had.  My mother used to sew tags from popular brands onto my clothes so I would not face criticism at school for being “broke” or “poor”.
Each year, Dubtree gives back to the community by donating our time and efforts towards working closely with Non-Profit Organizations like Autism In Long Beach to promote inclusion and unity for not only our special needs community, but our community in general.  We seek to empower and encourage at-risk youth (with and without special needs) with an alternative to gangs and street life through action sports, education, art  music and mentoring, because we feel Family always comes first.
Welcome to, The Dubtree Family.